Playing Appreciated

Playing Appreciated Group Tool

For members of that like to play the games they have won and for giveaway creators that like to see their games getting played.



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YesSomething I Don't Know

There was something you don't know about the murderer

98.5%01/05/2017, 05:08:21
YesThinking Through

You left and let the murderer live with his daughter

97.14%01/05/2017, 05:06:45

The murderer found out you were lying to him

96.27%01/05/2017, 05:02:28
YesMet The Girl

You met the murderer's daughter

83.63%01/05/2017, 05:25:01
YesThis Is What I Came For

You didn't allow your heart to be warmed again

80.91%01/05/2017, 05:26:55
YesShe Is A Good Person

You're a good person, Red

79.03%01/05/2017, 05:26:04
YesNo Turning Back

You ended your misery, and his.

77.15%01/05/2017, 05:29:25

You did what you didn't expect yourself to do.

76.66%01/05/2017, 05:51:00
YesThe Day Everything Ended

You brought the end to that beautiful place.

75.48%01/05/2017, 05:32:17
YesIn Front of Her

You killed the murderer in front of his daughter

71.89%01/05/2017, 05:36:45
YesSecret Conversation

You found a secret conversation

68.62%01/05/2017, 06:00:20