Playing Appreciated

Playing Appreciated Group Tool

For members of that like to play the games they have won and for giveaway creators that like to see their games getting played.



78.3 / 8 hours played
% of players
Unlock date (CET)
YesClear the Air

Help save Bad Attitude Onion from his bad attitude.

98.53%12/05/2018, 19:37:34
YesBecome Radical

Become Radical in the eyes of the Radshroom Protection Society.

91.67%12/05/2018, 19:49:15
YesRunestone: Light

Learn 'Mori no Kokoro' Part 1.

80.21%19/05/2018, 04:10:50
YesRunestone: Family

Learn 'Mori no Kokoro' Part 2.

69.11%21/05/2018, 08:18:24
YesRunestone: Love

Learn 'Mori no Kokoro' Part 3.

61.89%21/05/2018, 09:58:34
YesRunestone: Friendship

Learn 'Mori no Kokoro' Part 4.

59.97%21/05/2018, 10:32:50
YesRunestone: Night

Learn 'Mori no Kokoro' Part 5.

58.09%22/05/2018, 01:40:43

Complete the game.

57.63%22/05/2018, 02:38:47
YesTiny Planets

Return all of Sue's marbles.

55.42%21/05/2018, 10:03:55
YesThere's nothing wrong with a Security Bean Bag

Help the Wooden Sign on Wooden Sign Day.

52.8%22/05/2018, 02:04:16
YesThe Leeble Protection Agency

Discover the Leeble Protection Agency.

30.85%22/05/2018, 02:15:09
YesPlay it louder, man!

Collect all the jukebox tracks.

25.56%22/05/2018, 02:05:39
YesConnoisseur of the Monsieur

Examine each unique piece of Monsieur Bud themed artwork.

23.69%22/05/2018, 02:12:10
YesMom, can I keep 'em?

Adopt all the pets.

10.34%22/05/2018, 02:17:07
YesTowel Cape Hero

Collect and place all the special items for the hospital.

7.97%22/05/2018, 02:59:09