Playing Appreciated

Playing Appreciated Group Tool

For members of that like to play the games they have won and for giveaway creators that like to see their games getting played.



6.4 / 2.7 hours played
% of players
Unlock date (CET)
YesBattle Dancer

Win for the first time in Dance battle.

85.08%30/05/2017, 23:22:25
YesFree Dancer

Pass any track for the first time on any difficulty.

74.38%30/05/2017, 23:46:39
YesComplete Dancer

Complete one Tournament.

50.08%30/05/2017, 23:34:51
YesStun Dancer

Stun your opponent and defeat him until the stun is over.

39.87%30/05/2017, 23:31:17
YesCritical Dancer

Fill your Combo to level 10 and deal damage using Rage.

33.22%30/05/2017, 23:24:09
YesSpecial Dancer

Perform 100 Specials.

29.98%31/05/2017, 04:37:01
YesMany Faces Dancer

Complete the Tournament for all characters.

24.31%31/05/2017, 17:05:57
YesObservant dancer

Collect 30 secret notes.

23.01%31/05/2017, 03:26:01
NoFast Dancer

Defeat an online opponent in Dance battle on the track with BPM above 180.

NoAI Dancer

Defeat an AI opponent on maximum difficulty using custom music.

NoMaster Dancer

Earn rating M at any music track on Hard difficulty in Freestyle.

YesGreed Dancer

Buy for game currency everything that is sold.

20.74%31/05/2017, 21:15:09
NoOnline Dancer

Defeat an opponent in Freestyle online-multiplayer on Hard difficulty.

NoNon-missable Dancer

Collect all arrows on Hard difficulty using ingame songs.

NoHard Dancer

Earn rating S or higher at 20 music tracks on Hard difficulty in Freestyle.

NoSharp-sighted dancer

Collect 300 secret notes.

NoMillionaire Dancer

Gain 999 999 money.