Playing Appreciated

Playing Appreciated Group Tool

For members of that like to play the games they have won and for giveaway creators that like to see their games getting played.



9.5 / 5.4 hours played
% of players
Unlock date (CET)
YesBright Mind

Finish one mini-game without skipping.

49.72%17/05/2018, 15:18:40
YesHelping Paw

Adopt the baby griffin!

48.66%17/05/2018, 15:33:18

Begin your journey.

48.27%17/05/2018, 15:45:37
YesCurious Traveler

Reach the shores of ancient city.

46.34%17/05/2018, 23:32:25
YesCorporal of the Stones

Collect the Odin rune.

46.34%17/05/2018, 23:30:12
YesAmazing Seeker

Finish a Hidden Object Scene in 90 seconds without any hints.

46.09%18/05/2018, 02:55:56
YesFamous Traveler

Act against all odds.

44.94%18/05/2018, 00:38:57
YesGreat Mind

Finish eight mini-games without skipping.

44.55%17/05/2018, 23:18:03
YesSergeant of the Stones

Collect the Heimdal rune.

44.46%18/05/2018, 01:02:15
YesExperienced Traveler

Take a royal flight.

44.38%18/05/2018, 01:10:20
YesLieutenant of the Stones

Collect the Loki rune.

43.98%18/05/2018, 01:45:23
YesSuper Eyes

Finish four Hidden Object Scenes without using a hint.

43.81%18/05/2018, 00:09:24
YesSkilled Traveler

Seek out the Land of Fire.

43.63%18/05/2018, 02:19:06
YesMaster Traveler

Seek out the Land of Ice.

43.6%18/05/2018, 02:21:55
YesColonel of Stones

Collect the Freya rune.

43.12%18/05/2018, 10:55:30
YesCaptain of the Stones

Collect the Aegir rune.

42.69%18/05/2018, 11:09:26
YesGeneral of Stones

Collect the Thor rune.

42.63%18/05/2018, 11:14:54
YesThe Great Journey

Complete the Game!

42.38%18/05/2018, 11:30:58
YesTrue Caretaker

Help the innocent in need.

38.7%18/05/2018, 12:35:14
YesFriend of Kings

Gain support from the dwarves.

38.12%18/05/2018, 12:56:52
YesReal Rebuilder

Gain support from the fairies.

37.96%18/05/2018, 13:22:41
YesGreat Healer

Gain support from the elves.

37.88%18/05/2018, 13:28:55
YesExcellent Guardian

Bring back peace to Forest of Hope.

37.73%18/05/2018, 13:50:54
NoDragon Collector

Collect all of the golden dragons!

NoGriffin Collector

Collect all of the amethyst griffins!

NoUnicorn Collector

Collect all of the turquoise unicorns!