Playing Appreciated

Playing Appreciated Group Tool

For members of that like to play the games they have won and for giveaway creators that like to see their games getting played.



4.7 / 2.4 hours played
% of players
Unlock date (CET)

Solve a Minigame without using Skip.

100%22/05/2018, 20:56:09
YesBeginner's Luck

Solve a Minigame in under a minute.

99.63%22/05/2018, 20:56:08

Finish a Hidden Object Puzzle without a hint.

96.76%22/05/2018, 21:00:51
YesTriple Luck

Solve three Minigames without skipping.

94.45%22/05/2018, 21:17:18
YesBreaking the Record

Solve three Minigames in less than ten minutes.

92.81%22/05/2018, 22:23:16

Destroy the Spear.

80.65%23/05/2018, 12:45:38
YesFast Tapper

Find three items in Hidden Object Puzzle in three seconds.

76.5%22/05/2018, 20:58:59

Watch all Cutscenes without skipping.

63.44%23/05/2018, 11:41:14
YesNo Mistakes Allowed

Finish a Hidden Object Scene without a mistap.

50.13%22/05/2018, 21:00:51
YesDoll Collector

Find all the figurines.

49.23%23/05/2018, 12:02:00
YesFifth One's the Charm

Find five items in Hidden Object Puzzle in five seconds.

45.86%22/05/2018, 20:59:02
YesNerves of Steel

Solve all the Minigames without using Skip.

45.35%23/05/2018, 12:45:31
YesPatience pays off

Finish all Hidden Object Puzzle without using Hint.

41.74%23/05/2018, 12:33:22

Complete all the uniforms.

27.91%23/05/2018, 12:20:08
YesTrained Eye

Find all the miniatures.

25.5%23/05/2018, 12:21:52
YesDevoted Collector

Find and complete all collections.

23.4%23/05/2018, 12:21:52