Playing Appreciated

Playing Appreciated Group Tool

For members of that like to play the games they have won and for giveaway creators that like to see their games getting played.



8.4 / 2.9 hours played
% of players
Unlock date (CET)
YesQuest For Success

Complete a Quest

99%12/07/2018, 17:56:54
YesSharded Yourself

Claim a Shard

92.78%12/07/2018, 17:52:19
YesThat Was Easy

Win a tactical battle

91.17%12/07/2018, 18:07:31
YesBoosting the Resale Value

Build your first city improvement

90.54%12/07/2018, 18:12:17
YesCrafty Little Fingers

Craft an item

78.6%12/07/2018, 18:13:19
YesHold On Just A Second

Lower the Doomsday Counter

77.59%12/07/2018, 18:49:32
YesWhere'd THAT Come From?

Use the Sovereign's magic to intervene in a tactical battle

73.13%12/07/2018, 19:04:35
YesLet's Play Fort

Use a pioneer to build an Outpost

69.39%12/07/2018, 18:41:57
YesFeeling Swole

Reach level 5 with a champion

64.19%12/07/2018, 18:39:14
YesThe More The Merrier

Get a city to level 5

61.19%12/07/2018, 19:10:30
YesOur New Home

Settle a new city

59.78%12/07/2018, 20:53:31
YesFeet Wet

Play for 5 hours

48.75%13/07/2018, 15:44:12
YesGet Your Priorities Straight

Channel the focus of your Magic between Mana, Lore, and Sovereign Skill

42.97%13/07/2018, 15:05:08
NoThat Was Not Easy

Win a "predicted defeat" tactical battle

YesThis Is Getting Pretty Merry

Get a city to level 9

35.8%12/07/2018, 20:31:06
YesThe Fort, Fortified

Use pioneers to upgrade an Outpost

34.83%12/07/2018, 18:42:46
YesIf You Can't Beat Em...

Ally with a Minor Faction

33.11%12/07/2018, 20:19:44
YesWelcome To The Team

Complete a Champion Quest to recruit a new Champion to your cause

31.95%13/07/2018, 14:33:23
NoFeet Soaked

Play for 15 hours


Equip a champion with items in every slot

26.91%12/07/2018, 20:05:24
YesFeeling Super Swole

Reach level 15 with a champion

21.7%13/07/2018, 14:48:49
NoThat Was Tough

Win a "predicted defeat" tactical battle without taking damage

YesThe Founder

Found 5 additional cities in a single game

20.36%12/07/2018, 20:53:48
NoIf You Can't Join Em...

Defeat a Minor Faction that has sided with the Sorcerer King

YesCrushing The Head

Defeat Abeix

12.54%13/07/2018, 14:53:04
YesNo Longer Afraid of The Dark

Defeat Nabunihr

12.06%13/07/2018, 15:04:09
NoFeet Wrinkly

Play for 40 hours

NoClipped His Wings

Defeat Corvos

NoSinged Eyebrows

Slay Aegethon

NoChattering Teeth

Slay Vetrar

YesEvery Shard Is Sacred

Win a game without a single shard destroyed

11.08%13/07/2018, 19:01:25
NoThe Sorcerer King Slayer

Complete the Campaign

YesLesser of Two Evils

Achieve Ascension Victory

9.67%13/07/2018, 19:01:24
NoIn Ur Base Killing Ur Doods

Destroy one of the Sorcerer King's Strongholds

NoThe Iron Fist

Win as the Commander

NoFighting Fire With Fire

Win as the Wizard

NoProtector Of The Weak

Win as the Guardian

NoThrone of Bones

Win as Undead

NoGive That Donkey A Raise

Kill an enemy with a pioneer attack

NoHoly Warrior

Win as the Priest

NoWebbed Feet

Play for 100 hours

NoThose Crazy Contraptions

Win as the Tinkerer

Yes Eternal Winter

Win as Frozen Realm

3.61%13/07/2018, 19:01:25
NoThe Means, Justified

Win as the Tyrant

NoTrying To Prove Something

Win a game on Insane Difficulty

NoThat Was Impossible

Win 20 "predicted defeat" tactical battles without taking damage