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For members of that like to play the games they have won and for giveaway creators that like to see their games getting played.



5.1 / 3 hours played
% of players
Unlock date (CET)
YesThe Albatross Corridor

You encouraged Alice to begin opening up.

99.3%30/06/2017, 07:05:13
YesBlocks That Matter

You used a child's toy to escape from the basement.

89.36%30/06/2017, 07:16:42
YesHall of Mirrors

You gave Alice the guided tour.

80.54%04/07/2017, 16:58:12
YesBathroom Break

You moved into a nice new house. Sort of.

70.23%04/07/2017, 17:16:05

You used cleaning supplies incorrectly and got very upset.

65.96%04/07/2017, 17:32:57

You called for help… but no-one came.

60.97%04/07/2017, 17:53:58
YesAnalogue: A Televised Story

You watched the highly accurate TV adaptation of Analogue: A Hate Story.

59.85%04/07/2017, 16:48:22
YesFlowers to Dead Man

You took Barney to his dad's grave. Or did you?

58.72%04/07/2017, 17:42:26
YesThe Homecoming

You desecrated a church, but don't feel too guilty.

54.19%04/07/2017, 18:33:28
YesDon't Gloat, Richard

You escaped from certain death, irresponsibly.

53.78%04/07/2017, 18:40:38
YesThe Sound of Silence

You know what you did.

53.54%04/07/2017, 18:54:21
YesSmoke & Mirrors

You escaped from prison, and uncovered the truth.

53.45%04/07/2017, 19:03:18
YesThe Magic Bullet

You defied death and retrieved the mysterious box.

41.61%04/07/2017, 18:07:39
YesAlice The Librarian

You found and read all the documents.

38.55%04/07/2017, 18:44:03
YesIt's Dangerous to Go Alone

You gave Barney a keepsake.

38.31%04/07/2017, 18:42:08
YesNothing's Changed

You finally understand each other.

23.15%04/07/2017, 19:08:34
YesParting Ways

You parted ways... amicably.

20.67%05/07/2017, 10:28:26
YesJustice For All

But is it justice, or revenge?

19.65%05/07/2017, 08:33:41
YesTesting the Waters

You talked to Alice about your family... again.

17.83%04/07/2017, 19:15:09
YesHold On

You made your final decision.

17.27%04/07/2017, 19:45:36
YesPolar Bear Territory

You went off to uncharted territory.

16.76%05/07/2017, 08:12:52